Health Issues occurred during Nuclear War

February 7, 2018

Civil war is an event that if possible should be avoided at all cost. If people can opt for dialogue to make peace, then this is the best route. Although it is always difficult and that is why people have to use weapons to deal with civil strife. It is even worse when people opt for nuclear weapons. The short-term and long-term effects of this leaves a permanent mark on humans.

The fact that uses chemical reaction which was mitted in the atmosphere causes climate change. This is a broad topic which needs a thorough investigation because of the long-term effects. Recently North Korea threatens the United States with a sophisticated nuclear bomb which left the whole world surprised to date. Here are a few health effects of nuclear war.


The chemical process of nuclear bombs is that it uses ionization of various atoms to produce the catastrophic energy within the weapons. This, in turn, leads to destruction f the ozone layer ( the envelope which protects the intense ultraviolet rays from the sun from reaching the earth’s surface) Continous use of the nuclear weapons means, in the long run, you will receive direct sunlight which means you will continuously have sunburns. Did you hear of the recent heat wave in some parts of Korea? Scientists and geographers attribute it to the excess use of nuclear weapons.


The radiation produces when handling such nuclear weapons have a direct effect on the body cells. The final implication is that is causes abnormally within the body physique which is a significant cause of cancer in areas where it affects them most This comes when you have an abnormal multiplication of cells which fight one another and later develop to cancer cells.

Stress and trauma

The fact that you are never at peace and you have so much uncertainty in life in itself is stressful. It is even worse when one fails to control it since it leads to trauma which means someone’s health is at stake. The constant bangs of the nuclear bombs within the neighborhood also cause t much stress on its people making it one of the most traumatic experience and affect the overall health of the affected individuals.

Respiratory illnesses

The respiratory system is not spared either. The dust and the chemicals that it emits finds itself in the respiratory system which the people inhale. This is something that happens over time, not a once off. The constant inhalation affects the lungs which have an adverse health effect.

Lifestyle diseases

You will never be in good health if you are not physically active. You will add weight which has more implication like Having lifestyle diseases which include diabetes, high blood pressure among others.

In most cases in this war, the children and women suffer more. In fact, the fact that they cannot find food for themselves and the men concentrate on protecting the nation makes it even worse. You will never have healthy women and children in a country that experience nuclear war. How do they also access better health facilities apart from the humanitarian medical facilities which aren’t well equipped to handle chronic illnesses?