Let Killerspin Jet800 be an instrument for Peace

October 30, 2018

Instead of having a nuclear bomb, got our hands on a Killerspin JET800 and play ping pong.

Some analyses indicate that if energy is not transformed into positive energy, then, it results in negative energy. Hence, some of the people involved in the creation of nuclear bombs needed a positive outlet for their energy. Playing ping pong is one of those high-energy options that one can engage in without having to be involved in negative activities such as nuclear bomb-making. Instead of delivering a bomb to a building and murdering others in a suicide bombing, pick up a Killerspin Jet 800 and experience a different kind of power.

The Killerspin Jet800 is not made for an inexperienced player. You would have to put in hours of practice to become an advanced or professional player in order to use this racket. The time you invest in practice to improve your table tennis skills is also time spent away from people with negative energy and views that might want to influence you to make a nuclear bomb. You should attempt to influence them to join you in your ping pong quest in order to stay away from trouble. killerspinFurthermore, the cost of the Killerspin Jet 800 is out of range for most young people. Therefore, you would have to get a part-time job in order to save up enough funds to purchase the racket. A part-time job is another way to focus your energy and avoid any negativity. Once you save up enough money to purchase a Killerspin jet 800, you will get your money’s worth because of the following features:

  1. Made of 7 ply blade

Most rackets have three to five ply blades. However, the Killerspin jet 800 has two carbon layers and five wooden ones which make it firm and heavy. A slightly heavy blade allows for a better spin while you still maintain your momentum. The racket rates above 8 in all aspects regarding spin, speed and power. While it is heavier than most rackets, it is light compared to other jet series rackets.

  1. Warranty

Sometimes you might purchase a ping pong racket only for it to break at your next game. In most cases, lower priced rackets have no warranty. However, there are also higher priced rackets with unreasonable warranties. The Killerspin Jet 800 has a thirty-day warranty. Killerspin is a manufacturer that stands behind his product and hardly does any of its rackets break within that time.

Ping pong households such as Killerspin should invest in ping pong sponsorships and charities for at risks youth. The charities can build halls and provide ping pong tables and equipment where children and other at-risk youth can hide out after school. Sports programs such as boxing, basketball, and baseball have saved many at-risk youths from crime in black neighborhoods in the U.S. Therefore, it is essential to create such programs in communities susceptible to the influence of terrorism using nuclear weapons.