Woodworking Skill: Survival Equipment for Nuclear War

November 24, 2018

During a nuclear war, human beings mainly face the challenge of preventing themselves from any radiation damage. The success of their shelter from any radiation depends on the density of materials used to build their shelter. During these times, we wanted to get a table saw that was easily moved like circular saw(reviews of circular saws in here). But as much as it was wanted, It is hard to have an equipment like that in a nuclear war. In most cases, mediums such as water, packed dirt, concrete, and steel absorb radiation better than wood. Wood is the poorest when it comes absorbing radiation. Nonetheless, it is essential in many other aspects during a nuclear war. Therefore, woodworking skills are essential during a time of nuclear war. Nuclear wars have the immediate, as well as, the long-lasting effects on the earth and the environment. Wood is the most readily available raw material that can cater for most human needs at that moment. Woodworking skills would be essential for survival during a nuclear war for the following purposes:

  1. Constructing easy and cheap shelters

War results in the breakdown of economic structures. Therefore, it would be almost impossible for the government to provide all its citizens with shelter. The government is busy funding the war. Therefore, the citizens would have to find alternative ways to hide from the radiation. Simple underground structures using the basic and available raw materials would work well. Trees and the earth are the readily available raw materials. Cutting down trees, digging shelters and using the wood to support the shelters from collapsing would require adequate woodworking skill to conduct. A woodworker would need to show others how to cut down the tree and split the wood without damaging it. He would also have to show them the best way to assemble the wood into a structure that prevents the dug up shelters from collapsing. The woodworker would also determine the quantity and quality of wood required to prevent the wood from buckling under the pressure of the earth.

  1. Basic furniture and household products

War comes with looting, stealing and other forms of destruction. Therefore, most people would be left without furniture, plates, spoons, and other household products. People with woodworking skills will help in ensuring that people have access to such items during a nuclear war. When the world descends to anarchy plastic, ceramic and stainless steel factories shut down. Therefore, materials to make plastic spoons, cups, and plates also shut down. Although they might not have all the appropriate equipment required, the woodworkers will help in ensuring people have alternative products from the available wooden material.

  1. Reconstruction

Most things within the blast areas hit during the nuclear war will be destroyed. As people start resettling and reconstructing, woodworking skills will be essential. In such an economy, constructing concrete buildings will be costly and time-consuming due to the lack of proper equipment. Therefore, woodworking skills will be essential in the reconstructions of buildings, bridges, and other necessary facilities. Although the economy will recover after the nuclear war, it will recover slowly. Wood will be the cheapest and most available raw material for reconstruction.