Surprising Uses of Garment Steamer That Makes It Practical To Buy

January 25, 2019

Garment steamers are one of the most practical tools anyone can have As of today, it has simply replaced steam irons in most households. And why not! They are easy to use, effortless and does not need much of your time.

There are plenty of reasons why garment steamers are proving to be more and more practical day by day. Although these steamers are commonly used to easily and effortlessly press your wrinkled clothing, there are some other different ways you can put it into works. From quickly cleaning your sofa to performing a lot of other cleaning and steaming rituals to your home products, these garment steamers can do it all.

If you are thinking about what else a garment steamer can do; here are some surprising uses of the same, that you should be aware of —
1. You can clean your sofa
Did you know that among all the things that you can add to a garment steamer’s list of practicality, you can also clean your sofa with it? Well, when you do not have a vacuum to clean up your dirty sofa, the only reliable option you are left with is your garment steamer. With the help of its hot and distilled vapor, you can actually get rid of the oils and stains in your sofa pretty quickly.
2. You can easily dust your beautiful drapes
Another surprising and yet practical use of your garment steamer is that you can use it to dust the drapes in your house. It sometimes becomes a heck of a tough job to keep removing your heavy drapes and put them in the washer and then into a dryer. It indeed sounds like a lot to do. So, if you wish to put little effort into cleaning your drapes, a garment steamer is one of the best ways to do it.
3. You can remove the carpet stains
For your garment steamer, light carpet stains are simply nothing. If you can see there are paw prints from your pets or dirt from shoes, those can effectively be removed with the help of your steamer. For such a small task, you do not have to put your carpet for cleaning or not even have to keep the carpet dirty. The steamer will do it all for you.
4. You can even use it in the bathroom
Surprising right? But yes! You can use the steamer even in your bathroom. There are plenty of ways a garment steamer can brighten your bathroom. You can use it to brighten any of your discolored grout, disinfect your countertop, remove mildew from your tile if there are any or use it to melt hard water stains away from your floor. These are some pretty effective and yet cool ways you can use your garment steamer to clean your bathroom.

It is always better to use a garment steamer as it is easy to use and very useful. So, when you are about to choose between a garment steamer and a flat iron, think about all the practical ways you can use a steamer rather than just quickly pressing your clothes. Garment steamers are a great choice when it comes to practical uses. The best part is, these steamers are affordable and doesn’t go heavy on your pocket. In times when unexpected things like nuclear wars or recession will happen, a garment steamer is one of the great investments among home products that every household should have because of its usefulness and portability.