Playing Air Hockey As A Therapy For Nuclear War Victims

March 27, 2019

Playing Air Hockey as A Therapy for Nuclear War Victims is one of the recreational activities that benefit the victims a lot. Nuclear war victims appear traumatized after everything they experienced comes back in their mind. Different activities help them be able to clear those thoughts and move on with their lives. People should join the victims in such activities since they will help in consoling them after what happened to them. Playing this game is very essential to the human body. Air hockey is not a complicated game to play. This game has few instructions to follow and people need just to read and understand them. The basic instructions are enough for one to start playing this game. Other game rules one can understand after getting used to this game. People of all ages can play this game so as to help the nuclear war victims. The victims need an enjoyable game such as the air hockey that includes many players and this benefits them a lot. Since the war ended, the victims have suffered emotionally, physically and mentally. What they experienced was traumatizing. Recreational activities help in solving these issues. Children are also encouraged to get involved in such activities. This does help in setting a good example to the kids. What the kids see they will try to emulate their parents in the coming years. This is very essential because they will learn how to live with friends.

Air hockey tournaments are formed where different teams play against each other. The championship has a set price for the winners. People pay to come and see this sport been played. There is some registration fee for the players who would wish to play this game. The money collected is kept aside and given to the nuclear victims’ so that they can be able to overcome trauma.

Playing air hockey can be great play therapy for children. During the nuclear war, children are the most traumatized in what they experience. When they play this game, it makes them feel happy when they win the championship. The awards are given to the winner making them feel greater playing it. This therapy is very good for the body of the children. The body of the kids strengthens them making them grow stronger due to the therapy they have on the body.

Children need to engage in this sport since the nuclear war is a traumatic experience for children. Body therapy can be of great help to the body parts of children. Playing helps in strengthening the body parts of the children. When the body of kids is strong it also boosts the immunity of the body hence diseases cannot attack the kids frequently. Children when they play air hockey they benefit physically in their bodies. Playing this game also helps the kids mentally where after engaging in this sport, they are able to freshen their mind up. The bad thoughts disappear from their brains and they continue enjoying life. This game also benefits the children emotionally and they feel the love of people who come together to enjoy this sport. Playing air hockey is the proven way that does benefit the nuclear victims hence people should feel encouraged playing it.