How Your Welding Business Can Take Part in Nuclear Disarmament

June 28, 2020

Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous forms of weaponry worldwide with long-term catastrophic effects.

A single nuclear weapon can destroy an entire city, killing millions of its residents. It also destroys the environment on a large scale, negatively impacting the lives of future generations.

The existence of nuclear weapons alone points to them being dangerous despite having been used only twice in warfare.

In 1945, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with nuclear weapons with the effects of the bombings still being felt today. Since then, over 2,000 nuclear tests have been carried out and almost 14,500 nuclear weapons are in existence.


Disarmament is the only solution and protection against impending dangers from existing nuclear weapons. However, achieving this goal hasn’t been easy.

Various Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones (NWFZ) were created across different regions to empower the global efforts towards disarmament norms and nuclear non-proliferation.

The zones consolidate different global efforts aimed at fostering peace and security to eliminate the need to use nuclear weapons.

Since the United Nations was established, it has been fighting nuclear weapons and pushing for their elimination. In 1946, the UN General Assembly made the first resolution that established a commission to handle issues associated with atomic energy discovery.

The commission was tasked with making proposals for controlling atomic energy as necessary to ascertain that it’s only used for peaceful reasons, inter alia.

The first resolution also tasked the Commission with making proposals for removal from atomic weapons national armaments, including major weapons created for mass destruction.

Various agencies and organizations have been involved in the disarmament fight. Everyone has the responsibility to join in the fight against nuclear weapons and mass destruction.


Welding businesses also have a role to play in the disarmament fight. Here’re a few ways you can involve your business in the fight against nuclear weapons:

  • Create awareness about nuclear weapons
  • Join a campaign on nuclear weapons disarmament
  • Donate to a campaign
  • Invest in ethical welding tools, equipment, and gear
  • Design and manufacture safe alternative weapons

5 Ways Your Welding Business Can Engage in Nuclear Weapon Disarmament

1) Create awareness about nuclear weapons

Your welding business can create awareness about nuclear weapons.

The first step would involve teaching your employees about nuclear weapons and why they’re dangerous. You can also teach them how to join in the fight and stop the use of nuclear weapons in warfare.

Moreover, you can also organize seminars and workshops on the same. You can invite other welding businesses and persons in the industry to attend and learn how they can help stop the creation and use of nuclear weaponry.

2) Join a campaign on nuclear weapons disarmament

Many campaigns worldwide are fighting the creation and use of nuclear weapons.

Another way to support disarmament is to join an ongoing local, national or international campaign to help achieve its goals.

You can also find similar campaigns taking place online. If you can’t find one near you, a simple search on the Google search engine can help you find online campaigns against atomic weapons.

As part of such campaigns, you can share them on your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook to let your connections know what’s going on. They may even join the campaigns.

3) Donate to a campaign

Campaigns run on funds to achieve their goals.

Your welding business can help fund a disarmament campaign to help it achieve its goals. You can do the donation once or opt for regular donations, let’s say every month.

You can donate to the campaign as a business or encourage every person in your company to take part in the campaigns through a donation.

Each donation, even if just a $1, goes a long way in helping eliminate and stop the use of nuclear weapons.

4) Invest in ethical welding tools, equipment and gear

Make sure that the tools, gear and equipment you buy for your welding business are ethically produced. This ensures that the companies using atomic energy only implement it for positive uses.

Encourage your employees to do the same. This helps ensure that companies producing nuclear weapons don’t get a market for their unethical products.

It’s likely that many companies producing nuclear weapons also produce welding equipment and gear. They hide behind producing legal products but also manufacture nuclear weapons.

Make sure that you buy from a known manufacturer whose manufacturing process and location is known. It’s even better if the company has made known its ethical manufacturing process.

For example, when buying TIG welders worth for professionals to use, make sure the brand behind it is well-known and reputable. Similarly, plasma cutters with the right cutting depth must also be safe and functional to get value for your money.

This also ensures that your employees get to use safe tools and equipment that won’t impair their health. It also ensures that you get tools your business will use for so many years before the need for repair arises.

5) Design and manufacture safe alternative weapons

Manufacturing safe weapons to use as an alternative to nuclear weaponry is another way your business can join the disarmament fight.

Find out how you can design and come up with feasible ideas to handcraft top notch weapons that can be used instead of mass weapons. This requires lots of creativity, skills in precision technologies and experience on your side to come up with a viable solution.

Who knows, your invention could be the solution the world needs to completely eliminate nuclear weapons and stop the use of atomic energy for warfare.

Whether you’re in fabrication or welding, your business can support disarmament campaigns in many ways as discussed above.