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Weapons and war pose significant humanitarian, environmental and economic risks to the people, cities, and nations worldwide. When armed, civilians are at risk of harming each other accidentally or intentionally.

Due to high-stress levels, many people who currently own guns are at an elevated risk of violence and can easily hurt others.

Armed countries are also likely to go to war with each other when crises and conflicts occur. Whether nuclear-armed or not, possessing deadly weapons increases the risk for countries to engage in war.

Every day, over 300 people are shot in the United States. And, about 106 gun-shot victims die. Almost 100 daily gun-shots are done on purpose. They’re also about 60 people who die from gun suicide every day (Statistics from the CDC).

If the number of people who die from diseases every year equals that of gunshot victims, the situation would be considered an epidemic. But, the same hasn’t been done to indicate the severity of weaponry armament.


Gun control is a serious problem in the U.S and worldwide.

People who’re allowed to possess firearms legally can lose this eligibility due to mental health problems or if convicted of a violent crime. The U.S. disarms such people after they have been deemed unfit.

However, many states and municipalities don’t follow up on cases, leaving deadly weapons in the hands of ineligible and dangerous persons.

There’s also the menace of illegal arms getting into the hands of civilians. Illegal arms and related transactions are estimated to amount to over $1 billion annually. These illegal arms end up in the hands of people who aren’t eligible to own a gun.

We believe that it’s possible to get rid of arms for peaceful coexistence. Our organization deploys a four-pronged approach to get rid of arms in its entirety. We recognize and understand the relationship between legal and illegal firearms.

Therefore, we do what’s necessary to reduce the supply of new weapons, lower the number of existing firearms in the hands of the people, and eliminate the motivation to acquire guns. 

We work towards a world that’s nuclear and weapon-free not just for the safety of the common citizen, but also for the environment and the world at large.



Nuclear Disarmament is an international organization that advocates for eliminating weapons from the hands of civilians and nuclear weapons from nations worldwide. We believe that disarming civilians and reducing chances of war between countries.

At Nuclear Disarmament, we work towards making the world safer, fairer, and peaceful.

The first and most basic step we can take to reduce the harm and risks linked to weapons in people’s hands and nuclear weaponry is disarmament. We primarily advocate for civilian disarmament through campaigns, diplomacy, civil society activism, and multilateral agreements.

We also believe that we can eliminate the risks associated with nuclear war if all nuclear-armed countries agree to eliminate their nuclear weapons.



We work with key stakeholders worldwide, including diplomats, governments and civil societies, to develop strategies and get our messages across. We relay our messages through education, talks and publications.

Our campaigns highlight the severe threats and risks we face from nuclear and gun weapons, including wars.

Our organization, Nuclear Disarmament, was founded over a decade ago. Since then, it has become a force to reckon with in creating policies and promoting campaigns against war and weapons in civilians’ hands.

Over 500 world leaders and almost a million citizens worldwide have joined us in this quest for a weapon and war-free world.

We continue to protest by bringing awareness of war casualties and advancing our efforts against war and weapons through our diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.

Apart from disarming civilians, we also call for an end to the production, testing and deployment of deadly weapons, including nuclear weapons. We’re the future of a weapon-free and peaceful world

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